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Family farmers in DF receive training in the collection of native seeds from the Cerrado

In the months of May and June the Bartô Network concluded two more stages of the Component for “Environmental Regularization of the Roseli Nunes Rural Settlement” - part of the project Agroforestry Providing Ecosystem Services.

Photo: Rede Bartô Collection

From the land use and occupation map, a database was created that served to rectify the Rural Environmental Registries farmers, advancing the process of Settlement Environmental Regularization. Regularization brings benefits to the settlers, such as access to credit and production incentive programs.

The process of environmental restoration of the Rosely Nunes Settlement, is being built so that all phases of the process can be internalized by the local community so that it makes sense to them. At this stage, social issues, but mainly economic ones, were worked around the opportunities of the market for collecting seeds of native species of the Cerrado for farmers. This activity is the continuity of a partnership between Bartô Network, Tikré Soluções Ambientais, Cerrado Seed Network, the Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems (CEPF Cerrado) and the International Education Institute of Brazil.

Photo: Rede Bartô Collection

The activities counted on the participation of the settlement's farmers, who collected more than 16 kg of seeds of native species of the Cerrado. After collection, they were processed and stored properly. Later they will be used to recover areas of the settlement that have been degraded.

“The idea at the other end is to empower farmers themselves with the ecological restoration technique through direct seeding, so that they can do the restoration process themselves on other occasions. Maybe even as a profession, generating income in the future & #8221; says Fabrício Lima, project coordinator.

The activity was adapted to follow all care security and health, following coronavirus prevention guidelines. Rede Bartô developed a security protocol with measures to be adopted by the team and beneficiaries to ensure the safety of all. Meet the project Agroforestry Providing Ecosystem Services and the Bartô Network!

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.


  1. Maria Cleide says:

    How wonderful the opportunities that are being offered to these families, and how important the recovery for our savannah. Congratulations to everyone who is committed to this project, certainly Cerrado is grateful and we, as a population, can think about a better future. And live our savannah!

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